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Die Vision EN

We’ve done it.

Our vision has become
reality: we’ve created the
first shoe that truly
understands your foot.

We’ve developed
an entirely new concept
of comfort for your feet-
with a shoe that actually breathes.

Welcome to ATMOS!
Welcome to the new Shoe Era!
Wilhelm Möhlmann is the inventor and mastermind of this project. ATMOS. “My dream: to create a shoe that functions just like a foot. This vision has become reality. We’ve created a shoe that gives users a whole new feeling of ease and comfort—because it reflects the foot’s needs. We’ve devised a shoe that makes walking on asphalt just as light as walking barefoot. We’ve designed a shoe that ventilates the foot and lets it breathe, and its lungs also function as a natural air-cushion shock absorber !”

Our feet are so important! With my work I want to celebrate feet! Feet walk us through life. Day after day, they withstand life’s heaviest burdens. Shoes are made to support our feet in the best way possible. I want to shout to everyone: Treat yourself to a shoe that understands your foot! Buy a shoe that helps you relax and feel comfortable! Let go of that common concept of beauty and liberate your feet!

In five years of hard work, my team and I have developed an entirely new technology—a technology that truly satisfies the human foot.

ATMOS shoes are the first shoes that really respect our feet. They challenge conventional thinking, and their unique combination of innovation and comfort make them really stand out. ATMOS shoes tell the body: “Go ahead! Get comfortable! You deserve it!”

ATMOS – the first shoe that functions like a foot

The ATMOS vision

The ATMOS vision
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ATMOS technology and trademark rights

ATMOS has filed international and European patent applications

ATMOS Trademark rights are registered

Step-After-Step Fresh-Air Technology

The ATMOS Fresh Air System

The 21st Century’s first fully climate-controlled Vitalaktiv-Schuh (Vital-active shoe), <br>Prototype: an ingenious system that ventilates the foot and provides natural air spring shock absorption.

The ATMOS Feel-Good Concept